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In-Depth Quality Control From Seed to Shelf

Elixinol™ is involved in every part of the manufacturing in bringing the the highest potency Hemp CBD oil products to market, including formulation, growing, manufacturing, testing and fulfillment. Our professional staff have years of experience in growing hemp, laboratory CBD extraction and distributing our CBD tinctures for sale.

CBD manufacturing equipment

Eco-Friendly “Cold” CO2 Extraction Process 

Elixinol™ uses cold CO2 extraction (chemical free) to make sure our CBD oil is pure and of the highest effectiveness, avoiding the use of harsh solvents. Elixinol™ uses the CO2 “cold” extraction process to minimize thermal degradation so our hemp CBD oil is extracted at a temperature that is ideal for the botanical material. The CO2 extraction process is non-toxic, eco-friendly & with no negative effect on the environment.

Laboratory testing CBD

State-of-The-Art Manufacturing Facilities

Elixinol™ goals are to produce only the highest potency and purity of CBD oil.  That is why we use only state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities including scientific laboratories to analyze our CBD content for heavy metals, contaminants,  solvents, pesticides and cannabinoid levels. Our facilities utilize the latest CBD Oil manufacturing technology including mass spectrometry (MS), liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (CS) and distillation machines.

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Comprehensive Third Party Testing & Certification

From the very beginning at formulation and throughout the manufacturing process to produce Elixinol™ CBD, we test our extracts repeatedly.  We collaborate with biochemists internationally to help improve and refine Elixinol™ CBD through in-depth research and testing. We even take it a step further by having a third party review and examine our CBD to to certify its purity and potency. Certificates of Analyses are available on the website for download.

CBD Tincture For Sale in Bulk 

About Elixinol™ CBD Oil Wholesale Partnership Programs

Wholesaler Program

The Elixinol™ wholesaler program is tailored to make the process of selling our products as easy and profitable as possible. We have helped several of our partners greatly increase their revenue streams including dispensaries, local retail stores, supplement retailers, and holistic & health-care professionals.

Bulk Order Sales

We offer greatly discounted prices on bulk orders on all of Elixinol™ products. This is a great option for retail stores, online shops & medical professionals who want more profit by stocking Elixinol™ products. Offer more to your customers with bulk quantities of high quality (up to 99% CBD) cannabinoid oils.

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