Visionaries, leaders, natural health advocates, team players and innovators, who are fun, ethical people.

These are the people we are proud to call members of the Elixinol family.  Each team member plays an integral role in the fulfillment of our vision.

Our culture drives us to build lifelong relationships and to deliver world-class experiences. Together, we are focused on maintaining our industry leadership and making a positive impact in the world.

Ali Atacha - Elixinol EU sales & Marketing Director

Ali Atcha

CEO Europe & UK

As CEO for Europe, Ali Atcha is responsible for driving sales for Elixinol Europe with a focus on growing the company’s brand and sales channels across a full spectrum of verticals, especially in the Health and Wellness industry.

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Andres Tomlin - Elixinol

Andres Tomlin

Head of IT

With an extensive background in business integration and consulting, Andres Tomlin was introduced to the CBD industry by our CEO, Ali Atcha during the early days of Elixinol in Europe.

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Karl Muldowney - Elixinol

Karl Muldowney

Sales Director

Karl Muldowney is Elixinol’s Head of Sales in Europe. He has been involved in FMCG environment for over 25 years and has extensive knowledge of Pharma, Building and FMCG Distribution segments.

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Chris Birkett - Elixinol

Chris Birkett

Head of Hemp Education and Training

Chris Birkett is our Head of Hemp Education and Training. Born in Burnley, UK, he now lives in Spain and loves to travel.

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Stuart Anderson - Elixinol

Stuart Anderson

Sales Manager

Stuart Anderson is Elixinol’s UK Sales Manager. He is hugely focused on helping provide CBD products to the many who need it by developing new customer relationships and nurturing existing ones.

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Laura Ortega - Elixinol

Laura Ortega

Regional Sales Manager

Born in Paraguay and now living in Spain, Laura is an endless fountain of ideas, and a great facilitator of new business interactions.

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Juan Barrosso - Elixinol

Juan Barroso

Business Development Manager

Juan Barroso is our Business Development Manager for Southern Europe. With almost twenty years of experience in sales, business development, management and public relations, Juan has worked in B2B and B2C companies

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Craig Fraser - Elixinol

Craig Fraser

Branding & Content Manager

Craig is head of Brand Awareness and Content Management for Elixinol Europe. He comes from a varied background, from an early career in typesetting and page make-up for a national UK newspaper

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Yvonne Nehring

Customer Service Executive

Yvonne is originally from Germany and is now living in Spain. In Germany, she worked for many years for a medium-sized company. She is very motivated to contribute her many years of experience in export customer service.

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Juan Tallon, Elixinol

Juan Tallón

Product Development Manager

Juan is our catalyst between the growers, vendors, scientific, technical and development team. As a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, specialising in Finance and Foreign Markets.

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Laurens Thiele

Finance Director

Laurens is Finance Director for Europe. In his role Laurens’ focus is on supporting the growth of the business, the supply chain operations and supporting the team on providing the best hemp based products to the consumer.
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