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Visualising Success

By October 7, 2019 No Comments
Josh Quigley in Australia

“The bike is my paintbrush and the road is my canvas.” – Josh Quigley

Elixinol’s very own Champion of the Bike is no stranger to the Creation Process. And while he doesn’t wield a paintbrush or a canvas, he is, nonetheless, a powerful Creator. Where a fine artist might delicately swipe the linen in colourful strokes, Josh Quigley paves new roads of discovery on his bike in the same respect. Just as a painting is realised, a cycle is realised from the same ethereal nothing. And a journey is thusly created. 

Josh is a person who takes a thought, an idea, and makes it real and beautiful for others to connect with, be inspired by, and take value from just as a painter would. From Edinburgh to Australia he has developed and made possible The Impossible Dream. He has traversed half the globe and through blood, sweat and tears has endured, yet enjoyed the Earth’s vast and glorious landscapes. What has maintained his motivation most, above all else, is his ability to visualise success. And Josh maintains that doing so is the first crucial step in the Creation Process.

How does he do it?

Well, as most of us can attest to, music plays an integral role in our lives.  Certain songs we associate with certain moments from our past. Some evoke strong emotional responses. Other songs are useful    when listened to while completing a task. And that’s just what our Champion taps into. Most of the visualisations Josh uses are set to music and he finds the combination incomparable. He is motivated by visions from his future where he has succeeded in his cycle around the world. Then when he has won the Tour de France. And he focuses on these incumbent victories every day with each one accompanied by a specific song.

When Josh has won the Tour de France he sees himself, again, arriving home to Edinburgh. Days after achieving his ultimate dream he shakes hands with the flight crew and exits the plane to an airport terminal he knows like the back of his hand. Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’is playing as he triumphantly makes his way through the arrival gate and he is greeted by a cheering sea of people. 

He is home in time for the Tattoo Festival- a celebratory gala held at the castle grounds in August. In his vision, he is invited as a guest, having been the first Scottish Athlete to have won the famed cycling competition the previous month. While he is prepared for being presented to the crowd, the closing song from the movie Braveheart is playing.  It slowly builds in anticipation until Josh is visible to the anxious, copious crowd and when he appears in front of them wearing his champion yellow jersey with his bike, they erupt in irrepressible praise. 

While these two visualisations are the most common ones our CBD Ambassador revisits, there is also one which he lives by. And it sums up the power of visualisation perfectly.

R. Kelly’s ‘I Believe I can Fly’ (while admittedly a bit cheesy) perfectly captures the spirit which Josh takes to his bike and it’s a song he frequents each day for continuing inspiration.

“If you can see it, you can do it. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.”

And Josh genuinely believes that!

These visualisations to our CBD Ambassador are more than tangible. They appear to him like scenes from a repeating DVD. Seeing them in his mind is like seeing a finished painting when you’ve only just picked up the paintbrush yet you already know exactly what the finished product will look like. Its an ability he likens to transmitting. Like being an old T.V. antenna and pulling your reception from somewhere unseen, Josh pulls his inspiration from a Greater Power and transmits it into our purpose-driven world. From the infinite, to the finite. From the spiritual, to the material. He believes that you’re never given an idea you can’t fulfil and that notion will continue to define his achievements. 

Just as Josh is a receiver, like an old T.V. antenna, we all are. Josh received the idea to become the world’s greatest cyclist and he believes we only receive ideas that we are intended to enact. While it might be Josh’s path to be Champion of the Bike, our destinies are individual and the possibilities are limitless, so long as we tune ourselves in and remain receptive. 

What ideas have you received lately?

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Visualising Success
Visualising Success
Elixinol’s very own Champion of the Bike is no stranger to the Creation Process. And while he doesn’t wield a paintbrush or a canvas, he is, nonetheless, a powerful Creator.
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