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The Power of Commitment

By September 5, 2019 No Comments
Josh Quigley Commitment

It’s amazing the amount of things in our lives we can boil down to commitment. According to Josh Quigley, Elixinol’s CDB Ambassador and Sponsored Aspiring Athlete, the greatest lessons we can stand to learn revolve around it. Its a one-word powerhouse playing a very important role in his current journey and, chances are, it’s also a powerful driving force in yours too. And maybe you didn’t even know it. Or maybe you did. Or maybe you might have just considered that nearly every aspect of our lives requires a form of commitment. Whether it be to a goal, a pursuit, your family, your job, a relationship, or a cause; every waking day there is a choice of commitment being made. Some commitments are engrained so deeply within us we never have to give them much conscious thought. Some are constantly testing us, providing us with the opportunity of choice, even as we speak. They exist amid obstacles you might face or circumstantial changes and are present regardless of what you learn, think, or feel.

To Josh, a commitment means your goal is completed no matter what. He believes that the only choice commitment affords you is the choice to keep moving forward and you don’t stop until you achieve your goal, his being a round-the-world cycle. He’s faced a lot of adversity in the five months he’s been traveling- enough to make a normal person more casual in their commitments want to turn back and head home. From days of struggling against strong head-winds or heavy rains, to days of enduring extreme heat and isolation, to encountering visa issues and illness, each uncomfortable set back has tested the strength of his commitment. And the truth is that very strength of commitment is exactly what has helped him through the toughest parts of his journey. Having the commitment, for Josh, has eliminated the fear and doubt which play a huge role in the mental struggle of questioning what you’re doing. And let’s face it, we’ve all been there. But when you’re truly committed to something, the power of your commitment is constantly reinforcing your choice and that same doubt we’ve all faced from time to time is inexplicably removed.

But is it really all that simple? Of course not. And Josh can attest to that. He’s described himself as “a young guy with a lot of opportunities” and as a person in that position he would often find himself overwhelmed in the process of trying to choose from them. As he called it being stuck in the ‘Paradox of choice.’ And most of us can relate to that reality being as though at this particular point in history humans have more choice now than they’ve ever had. How on earth do we know which choice is right in the sea that exists out there? Well, according to all of the aforementioned, you just commit.

Now your goals and mine don’t have to match the grandeur of Josh’s, but the same principle behind the power of commitment can apply to ones more practical nonetheless. It might be ‘I’m going to run a 10K marathon in six months time’ or ‘I’m going to remember to take my CBD Oil every day.’ It might be ‘I’m going to devote two more hours a week to my family’ or ‘I’m going to graduate University with Honors.’ Whatever the goal you set for yourself, fulfilling your commitment to it is how you get started. Its a promise to yourself you won’t give up. And an belief in yourself that you can rise to the challenge. 

Are there any unfulfilled commitments in your life?

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The Power of Commitment
The Power of Commitment
According to Josh Quigley, Elixinol’s CDB Ambassador and Sponsored Aspiring Athlete, the greatest lessons we can stand to learn revolve around it.
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