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Outgrowing the Impossible Dream

By August 23, 2019 No Comments
Man on bike in mountains

After completing just one introductory blog under the brand of The Impossible Dream, things are already evolving! 

You see, The Impossible Dream was a name inspired by a Disney Commercial. In that commercial a duckling idolizes Donald Duck in his comic books until one day he travels to Disneyland and meets his idol in person. All the while Andy Williams’ song The Impossible Dream is tugging at your heartstrings in the background and the marketing masterpiece closes with the line “Where Magic Gets Real.”  And the symbolism behind it all could not be ignored by Josh while the TV, this moment, caught his eye.  It came to be at a time when Josh was struggling with depression and the concept of happiness truly seemed like ‘an impossible dream’. It came at a time before the birth of his world-wide ambitions, before he realized just how grand his personal journey would be. It came at a time when Josh had failed to complete his Impossible Dream six times prior.

But on Sunday April 14th, 2019 Josh sought once again to “be better far than you are.”  He set off to fulfil his commitment of cycling from Edinburgh to Istanbul this time with the help of Elixinol. Josh agreed that once he reached his goal he would revisit his feelings about what to do next but, already, three pedals into this attempt, he felt different. There was an inner knowing that he could not refute and he was sure almost instantly that he would achieve the Impossible in this return to his journey. In London, Josh was already contemplating setting a new World Record. In Italy, he made public his commitment to winning the Tour de France. By the time he arrived in Istanbul, he was taking CBD Oil daily and completing 150 miles on the bike a day and, as Disney captioned it best, his magic got real.

Josh had overcome the seemingly impossible throws of depression and thanks to the power of his self-belief, the loyalty he had to his commitment, and the generosity of his sponsors Elixinol, he had proven to himself he was capable. And here he outgrew the Impossible Dream. 

So what’s next?

Josh only intended to cycle to Istanbul but he surpassed that, along with the significance of The Impossible Dream branding. Just as the Andy Williams’ song in the Disney Commercial embodied a feeling in Josh’s life that he could identify with before he left Edinburgh, a new song must come to embody the next chapter. Every time he sees the end of a goal in sight, his mission grows bigger and each are constantly evolving, just as he is. In Turkey, he wondered just how many times he would win the Tour de France and now in Uzbekistan he is averaging a daily 200 miles on the bike and feels that winning the Tour de France is only the beginning. 

So the sky really is the limit!

And what better place ‘to reach the unreachable star?’

Now introducing Josh The Superhuman: King of the Bike.

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Outgrowing the Impossible Dream
Outgrowing the Impossible Dream
After completing just one introductory blog under the brand of The Impossible Dream, things are already evolving!
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