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New York now has a CBD themed spa

By June 7, 2019 August 22nd, 2019 No Comments
massage at a cbd spa

If there are two things New Yorkers enjoy, it’s spas and hot new trends. It was perhaps only a matter of time, therefore, before a CBD spa opened in the Big Apple! And in mid-May, it happened, with Standard Dose launching on Broadway and 26th.  

It’s the brainchild of Anthony Saniger, who has made it his mission to get Americans away from prescription medications like Ambien, and onto CBD oil. He’s described it as a ‘calm escape’, and with CBD use massively on the rise, it seems like a smart idea to combine these two worlds of wellness. 

The spa’s shop is packed with CBD products, and the opening night also saw guests enjoying CBD infused snacks and canapes – surely the most relaxing launch ever? 

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The CBD spa products all meet the American legal limit for THC (read more about THC and the difference between CBD and cannabis) which is 0.3% or less (in the UK it’s 0.2%). Included in the range are sleep patches, CBD cream for backache, tinctures and balms. 

Standard Dose will also be offering ‘experiential treatments’ on the rooftop – that’s essentially yoga to you and me. There’s also a meditation room where customers will be served free CBD teas. Downstairs, a wellness spa for themed treatments is set to open in June. 

Interior of the CBD Spa in New York
Inside the NYC CBD Spa

It’s interesting to see CBD getting the luxury, wellness treatment, and this seems like a smart way to harness the growing market. Could this be the future for CBD in the UK too? We’ve already had pop-up cocktail bars, a CBD cafe and a CBD hotel, but whether a spa is around the corner remains to be seen. 

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Article Summary
New York now has a CBD themed spa
New York now has a CBD themed spa
As with many leading edge ventures, New York is often at the forefront. There is now a CBD spa open in NY where you can enjoy all manner of CBD products in a spa setting.
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