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CBD-infused cocktail bitters hit the UK market

By June 7, 2019 August 19th, 2019 No Comments
Oto CBD-infused bitters

Another day, another first for the CBD industry! This time it’s Europe’s first cocktail bitters that have had the CBD treatment; CBD-infused cocktail bitters.

Drinks brand OTO has created the non-alcoholic bitters, which can be added to cocktails or mocktails, and contain 50mg of CBD per serving. As you’ll know by now, CBD is different to cannabis, as it lacks the high levels of THC that causes the drug’s numerous side effects. 

Developed by a team of scientists, CBD-infused bitters also contain ingredients to complement the effects of CBD (which are rumoured to include relaxing properties, stress relief and pain reduction) such as liquorice, which is used in Chinese medicine to relieve stress. It also contains cacao, which is meant to improve mood and boost happiness, and the antioxidant cardamom. The overall effect, apparently, is a floral and citrus flavour – which sounds delicious! 

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Antonia Jamison, the director of OTO (and formerly from the Sipsmith brand) said: 

“However, just because people are adopting a more balanced approach to drinking, doesn’t mean that they don’t need a bracer to help them unwind and socialise. This is where Oto’s non-alcoholic CBD bitters come in.  At Oto, our aim is to create the world’s finest CBD experiences.

Sadly, too many products on the market contain ineffective levels of CBD to have any real impact, which is why we spent a lot of time determining the optimum strength.  Adding Oto’s CBD bitters will help people to feel ‘in the moment’. It’s not about losing yourself, it’s about connecting to the present, the experience and the people around you.” 

Sadly this level of quality doesn’t come cheap – with 100ml bottles retailing at £98 to pre-order. 

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CBD-infused cocktail bitters hit the UK market
CBD-infused cocktail bitters hit the UK market
OTO, a well known drinks manufacturer has produced a new bitter mixer. This new CBD bitter is designed to bring a new spectrum of flavor to a cocktail, while allowing the consumer to enjoy CBD in their drinks.
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