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CBD Lifestyle

Josh in the US

Personal Best

By | CBD Lifestyle, Elixinol News

Nine days in to his bid at making history in America, Josh was forced to accept the inevitable and relinquish his dream of being home for Christmas. From pesky punctures, to time-consuming work arounds, from scary possibilities to relying on the goodwill of strangers. From monumental personal achievements to respecting the needs of his mind and body, Elixinol’s Champion of the Bike found himself reflecting.

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Josh Quigley on his feet

Landing On Your Feet

By | CBD Lifestyle, Elixinol News

While Josh was sure to take advantage of the comforts of home, he was also just as sure to push himself so that he might rejoin his cycle in Adelaide once more in top form. But success never comes without struggle and even in this momentous pause, Josh discovered there’s no rest for the weary.

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Josh Quigley in Australia

When the Subconscious Speaks

By | CBD Lifestyle, Elixinol News

It wasn’t until he became involved with Elixinol that Josh more seriously revisited his calling. Originally pledging to cycle from Edinburgh to Istanbul, Josh has now gone above and beyond his initial commitment and has finally landed in the place his dream has called him to: Australia.

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CBD Brownies

The icing on the cake!

By | CBD Lifestyle

Football wasn’t on the agenda today. It wasn’t a ball but a bowl we would be using! Head Chef Jade Crawford was going to create something unique. Like our partnership, a collaboration of Vegan Green cooking and our organic CBD.

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Forest Green Rovers use CBD

Two Green Giants

By | CBD Lifestyle, Elixinol News

Just how does a company founded in Colorado end up sponsoring a football club in a little town in England some 4668 miles? One a Hemp company celebrating its 5th anniversary and another ‘the club on the hill’ founded in 1889.

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Hemp Ice cream

CBD ice cream has launched in Scotland

By | CBD Lifestyle, Health Effects of Cannabinoids, How to use CBD oil

Kyle Gentleman has already gained notoriety in the dairy world for creating alcoholic ice cream for adults, including WKD Blue and Strongbow Dark Fruits flavours. He’s also tried some even more unusual concoctions in his time, such as the surprisingly popular mayonnaise flavour. He’s now turned his attention to ingredient-of-the-moment CBD, making the Cannabidiol Cornet.

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