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Quigley passport dilemma

The Passport Dilemma

By | CBD Benefits, Elixinol News

While cycling through Australia, Josh’s passport managed to endure some damage. And while passports can acceptably sustain nicks and scuffs and even tears at times, the damage we’re talking about rendered his travel document unusable.

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Josh Quigley in Australia

When the Subconscious Speaks

By | CBD Lifestyle, Elixinol News

It wasn’t until he became involved with Elixinol that Josh more seriously revisited his calling. Originally pledging to cycle from Edinburgh to Istanbul, Josh has now gone above and beyond his initial commitment and has finally landed in the place his dream has called him to: Australia.

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CBD Brownies

The icing on the cake!

By | CBD Lifestyle

Football wasn’t on the agenda today. It wasn’t a ball but a bowl we would be using! Head Chef Jade Crawford was going to create something unique. Like our partnership, a collaboration of Vegan Green cooking and our organic CBD.

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Forest Green Rovers use CBD

Two Green Giants

By | CBD Lifestyle, Elixinol News

Just how does a company founded in Colorado end up sponsoring a football club in a little town in England some 4668 miles? One a Hemp company celebrating its 5th anniversary and another ‘the club on the hill’ founded in 1889.

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Hands holding Elixinol CBD capsules

CBD capsules and what they contain

By | Uncategorized

CBD capsules are a quick and easy way to consume cannabidiol allowing you to take your prescribed dose of CDB in a convenient and discreet fashion, rather than placing the desired dose under your tongue or into food or drink simply pop a capsule in your mouth.

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Hand holding CBD oil dropper

Full Spectrum CBD oil extraction

By | Cannabinoids Explained

The burgeoning hemp and CBD oil industry shows no sign of slowing down, and why would it? with the industry now worth billions of dollars in Europe alone and the modern day fascination with all things organic this 100% natural remedy is not only the therapeutic product for today but also of the future.

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